This year’s EFGS Conference is about to kick off in Ireland’s capital city and plenty of international influencers and innovators have flown in to share their knowledge and experiences. Here’s just a flavour of who to watch out for (in order of appearance):

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1. Jack Dangermond

Who is Jack Dangermond?

Jack DangermondColloquially known as the ‘godfather’ of GIS, Jack Dangermond is the co-founder and president of leading GIS tech firm ESRI. As well as being at the helm of the geospatial industry’s dominating tech firm, Jack is an author of hundreds of papers on GIS, a multi-award-winning innovator, and a generous supporter of research institutions, schools, and nonprofit organisations. Jack is the keynote speaker at EFGS 2017.

When will Jack Dangermond speak?

Day 1 at 9.40am



2. Greg Scott

Who is Greg Scott?

Greg ScottGreg Scott is on the frontline of The UN Agenda for Sustainable Development. This agenda is one of the hottest topics affecting the statistics and mapping communities right now and is currently on the table for the UN’s committee of experts on geospatial information, the UN-GGIM (United Nations Committee of Experts on Global Geospatial Information Management).

The UNSD (United Nations Statistics Division) provides secretariat support to the UN-GGIM. Greg’s role at the UNSD as Inter-Regional Advisor on Global Geospatial Information Management puts him in an influential position regarding the UN Agenda for Sustainable Development.

“The need for ‘disaggregation by geographic location’ is now well recognized. Development is no longer just about counting ‘people’ as national aggregations, but now their ‘place’ and their environment; their geographic location at a sub-national and disaggregated level.” – Greg Scott

When will Greg Scott speak?

Day 1 at 10.50am


3. Timothy Trainor

Who is Timothy Trainor?

Tim-TrainorTimothy Trainor is the Chief Geospatial Scientist for the U.S. Census Bureau. He is internationally recognised for his contributions to the fields of geospatial science, geography and cartography, and for his contributions to the integration of statistical and geospatial information.

Serving as co-chair for the UN-GGIM, and also as the UN-GGIM’s Head of Delegation for the U.S., makes Timothy a key influencer in the UN Agenda for Sustainable Development.

In his presentation at EFGS 2017, Timothy will introduce examples of statistical and geospatial information for Smart Cities and the different methods for acquiring and managing the data. He will showcase how that information is applied to select indicators of the UN Agenda’s various Sustainable Development Goals.

“Integrating statistical and geospatial information is needed and is made possible through the Statistical Geospatial Framework, which in turn, is necessary for achieving the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda.” – Timothy Trainor

When will Timothy Trainor speak?

Day 1 at 11.10am

4. Chris Gale

Who is Chris Gale?

Chris-GaleChris Gale is the GIS, Mapping and Spatial Analysis Manager at the UK Office for National Statistics (ONS). Watch out for Chris because he’s going to showcase how the UK ONS, who are on the road to becoming a global leader in spatial statistics, are creating a spatial data infrastructure that can be used as the foundation for all official UK statistics.

“In the UK, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has a number of projects designed to build geospatial capability, to geo-enable UK statistics and to deliver better spatial statistics for the 2021 Census and Sustainable Development Goals.” – Chris Gale

When will Chris Gale speak?

Day 1 at 2.25pm

5. Professor Declan O’Sullivan

Who is Professor Declan O’Sullivan?

Declan O'SullivanProfessor Declan O’Sullivan is Head of Intelligent Systems and a lecturer at Trinity College Dublin (TCD). He is also a principal investigator at TCD’s ADAPT research centre.

Declan will showcase how Irish geospatial data was made available as Linked Data and will present the dedicated Linked Data platform that was developed by the ADAPT research in collaboration with Ireland’s National Mapping Agency, Ordnance Survey Ireland.

If you’re unfamiliar with the topic, here are 7 Things You Should Know About Linked Data.

“Discussed in the presentation are the processes involved in transforming the boundary data, from the relational PRIME2 database into Linked Data and the technologies used in the platform. Also discussed in the presentation is future work with regards to the Linked Data platform and other initiatives such as access control to OSi’s closed data.” – Professor Declan O’Sullivan

When will Professor Declan O’Sullivan speak?

Day 2 at 10.20am

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